Welcome to my website. I am a PhD Candidate in the Food and Resource Economics Group at the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia. My research spans environmental and development economics. I am a member of the Centre for Food, Resource and Environmental Economics and the Wildlife and Conservation Economics Lab. I am also a Fellow at the Center for India and South Asia Research at the UBC School of Public Policy.

I combine insights from economics and environmental science to study relationships between human activity and the environment. My current projects include estimating the development-biodiversity tradeoff, studying labour-capital substitution in agriculture, and estimating long-run costs of coal power plants on human health. My geographic focus is mainly India.

Before my PhD, I was an EPoD pre-doctoral fellow at Harvard University, completed an M.A. Economics at UBC, and was a Research Associate at J-PAL South Asia.

I can be reached via e-mail at madhokr@mail.ubc.ca or madhok.raahil@gmail.com